Job Prob

Today I had an interview in Petworth followed by a job fair in Tenleytown. Yes, I had a busy day. I’ve had 3 outfit changes and I have traveled by bus, metro, cab, and on foot in a pair of what should be comfortable pumps. I need a foot massage…now. In any event, I believe […]

EurAsian Hot Pot Noodles

I am back in town. This time I am on my own. CAM is at the beach so I am holding down the fort. I have an interview tomorrow morning and a job fair in the afternoon. I am close to landing a job. Any day now. I had a salad for lunch and thought […]

A day in NoMa

I was back in D.C. in June to be processed for fingerprinting and a background check for my new job. I had to visit NoMa, which wasn’t called NoMa when I lived in D.C years ago. I didn’t recognize the area at all until I got to the old bus station where I would catch […]

A trip to Georgetown

On a recent trip to D.C. my friend CAM took me to Georgetown. Surprisingly, in all the time I lived in D.C. in a past life, I didn’t spend much time in Georgetown. As a matter of fact, the only time I remember being in Georgetown was when I walked across the bridge from Rosslyn, […]