I will be heading back down the interstate to attend my on-boarding session which will consist of completing paperwork for the position that I was offered. Yes, I have a job. I haven’t posted about it because it was a very difficult choice to make between the job I accepted and the one that I ultimately turned down. However, I feel like I had to make a choice that was in alignment with my long term goals and I believe that it will all work out well.

Then, next week I will attend an orientation before heading back up the road to finish packing up my old apartment. So yeah, I am exhausted and slightly overwhelmed with this inter-state move. I have about 7 places on my list to check out this weekend so I am hoping that is enough to narrow down my choices and decide where to live. I have one that I’ve already applied to and they are simply waiting for me to sign the lease. I am waiting to see the unit in person first.

I have been apartment hunting online and CAM has been driving around scouting out places for me as well. I will start working in just a couple of weeks so I really need to find a home. Thank God I kept the car because it is giving me more options for places to live. And, I will be driving down to Dee Cee this time. We ran out of Amtrak points. Driving has advantages though because will allow me to drop off my boxes of stuff from the old job to the new job. It will also allow me to visit more places than I could access by taking Metro.  I am making progress…baby steps.

My main criteria for a place to live include:

  • Clean and well maintained property
  • Quiet
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Parking and/or Metro accessible
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Pet-friendly
  • Lots of light

I also wouldn’t mind if it offered:

  • gym
  • indoor lap pool
  • community room or lobby with free wi-fi
  • convenient to restaurants and entertainment

We’ll see what I wind up with. Of course the number one criteria is affordability, but everything is so expensive in the areas that are convenient to work and school. Apparently I will also be required to purchase renter’s insurance and pay water, sewer, gas, and other utilities which I  didn’t do when I last lived in the area. Extra expenses also include the pet fee and parking. I didn’t have a pet last time I lived in the area and my parking space was free.

Considering the fact that I am pretty much a homebody I will want to find a place that is comfortable after a long day of work and class.

Hoping all of these matters are taken care of so I can focus exclusively on clearing out the old apartment. Ten years of accumulated stuff. Giving most of it away. Fortunately I cleared some out when I moved briefly 5 years ago and I haven’t bought more stuff because I knew I would leave again. Didn’t think it would take 5 years, but here I am finally making the big move. I will also need to clear out my storage unit, but that will likely be around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

As challenging as this process has been it was so necessary. So, I try not to complain (too much) and try to remember to take my vitamins to keep my energy up.


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A lifestyle blogger and digital content creator, Dee Bell has been part of the digital world for over two decades. She is the publisher of She Jaunts - a travel + lifestyle website. #shejaunts

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