Feeling like I am home

I spent the long holiday weekend moving the rest of my belongings across states and cleaning my old apartment. Needless to say I am in need of a long holiday weekend. While my new apartment is now piled up with boxes I feel like I am home! I have an affinity for D.C. From the first time I moved here I liked it. I am so happy to be back. It is like the best of all worlds. International, intellectual with a splash of southern hospitality thrown in for good measure. This city suits me and I plan to be here for a while.

I was checking out this article to see where I should try to mix and mingle now that I am officially back on the scene. I also found this article which has me wanting to explore the NOMA and H Street restaurant scene. This is such a different experience than my first go around in D.C.

After work I was starving. I went along Connecticut Avenue looking for something yummy to eat and hoping to catch a happy hour special. No such luck. Most of the restaurants in Cleveland Park don’t open until 5 P.M.  It was 4:00 and as I said, I was hungry.  I went into Nanny O’Brien’s for a beer just because they were open. It was empty. Apparently I was one night too early. The bartender said they have wings for 35 cents a piece on Wednesday nights! He said they were going up to 50 cents a piece though. They were mentioned in one of the articles I just referenced. I then walked down the strip and found a Vietnamese place that was open. It had 2 other people in it. Nam Viet was really good though. I ordered the signature dish and it was DELICIOUS. Very much like a pad thai,but without the sauciness.  Afterward, I walked a bit farther down to the wine store and discovered what is probably the best liquor/wine store in D.C. They have Tony who is the wine expect, another guy (Carlos?) who is the beer expert and a third guy who knows about the liquor! Talk about having your bases covered. And the wine was cheap! Tony offered a dry Riesling that was $10-ish for $5.99. It was really good too. He also suggested a Chardonnay that I may dip into tomorrow night after class.

Looking forward to my first weekend where I can just be a D.C. resident. My aunt will be passing through town in the next couple of days so I will likely catch up with her for dinner.

More to come.

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