A weekend to sleep in

Yay! Finally a weekend where I could sleep in and catch up on the months of lost rest. I was operating on E by the time yesterday rolled around. Last night I had dinner with my aunt and her friends who were passing through town. Since they wanted to eat in Dupont Circle I suggested Circa Dupont since that was the only place I had eaten in the neighborhood.  The food was very good.

I came home and feel fast asleep. I have been taking my time about getting out because I spend so little time at home relaxing and I am tired. Plus, it is so quiet and relaxing here. So different from my old neighborhood of constant commotion.

I do want to go enjoy the wonderful weather before locking myself in to work for the rest of the weekend. I would like to treat myself to a massage and mani/pedi. My body aches from moving and being on the run all week.

I have been trying to sneak time to explore the neighborhood a bit. The other night I ate a Medaterra. It is an Egyptian restaurant. I enjoyed my cocktail, but the food was just eh. Across the street is this amazing liquor store that has a large selection of wine and a whole aisle of bitters. There is downstairs as well. Definitely a step up from the bullet proof glass places and boutique wine stores that carry about 5 varietals at a time that were in the old neighborhood. Needless to say, keeping a cold bottle of wine around will not be a problem.

I am in search of amazing places to eat and a nice nail spa. Found a massage spa and will try them out today. Hope they are as good as the place I went to before.

Off in search of coffee. I might take the camera with me.

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