All boxed in

I can’t write as much as I want to due to work and school obligations. So, I will try to find time to post at least once a week to document this new chapter in my life. There are still some rough patches, but overall I am so happy to be here. I haven’t touched a box, but once I get into a routine I will target one box a day. Maybe I will be unpacked by the time my lease is up!IMG_0001This is my cat getting really comfortable with the boxes that are stacked up. Looking forward to being caught up with everything so I can just relax on the weekends.

Had another day of relaxation by getting another massage (shoulders and neck are really tight) and another pedi at my old nail place. I also picked up a few necessary items to help me get settled in. Getting tired of eating out so much and want to be able to come home and cook every now and then, even if it is just food in cans.

I did have a really good meal from Guapo’s one night after class that I ordered to go. The seafood enchilada was amazing and I ate it over the course of two days. Definitely could eat it once a week it was that good!

This happened this weekend. People were walking around in costumes and pastel colored wigs. Not a typical sight in a conservative town like D.C. where khaki and grey are the colors of choice.

I discovered by shear coincidence that a new apartment complex is going up behind my building. If the rents are reasonable I will be applying once my lease is up although I am comfortable here.

Tomorrow I will spend the day working: completing class assignments and preparing for the week ahead. Maybe I will be more relaxed once all of my work is caught up.

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