20130922_131925As the season moves from summer to autumn I find myself wanting to spend as much time as possible in the sun. Today was no exception. The plan was to hole myself up in my apartment and bang out this work that has piled up. However, that plan was quickly changed as I looked outside and saw that Mr. Sun was shining brightly and begging me to come out and play. After a week of hard work and a Saturday of shopping and cleaning, I couldn’t turn him down. I got dressed, made a cup of coffee and sat on the roof for a long time basking in the sun. It was glorious! We can see clear across to the Washington Monument from our roof. I discovered that it could be my morning respite and if I can get it together might find myself up there as the sun rises with my yoga mat saluting Mr. Sun each day that the weather permits. I need to do something to sustain my energy. I spend my weekends trying to recoup it then go right back to burn out during the week. Pacing myself has always been a challenge. I have a long race to  run and this is just the beginning. I had only planned to stay on the roof until I finished my coffee, but it was so peaceful up there.

After I came down from the roof I went for a walk in the park. I walked through a bit of Rock Creek Park and the creek is indeed lovely. I took video of it, but for some reason my tablet is having trouble uploading media. I have to find out what I am doing wrong. I then crossed the Duke Ellington Bridge and ventured into Adams Morgan. I walked all the way down to U Street then turned around and came back. I have never explored Adams Morgan before and it was nice to just be out. I am either at work, home, class, or in a store. To just be out in the sun was a blessing.

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I came back home and took a nap before finally working a few hours this evening to prepare for the week ahead. Putting everything in perspective, I must make time to decompress regularly. I must reconnect to the elements and allow myself time to breath deeply and think clearly. I remembered that I have all that I need. I have enough of everything. I have enough time, resources, and energy. I just need to stop thinking that I am living in lack. I will no longer steal time. I must find a way to budget my time so that everything gets done and I can have time to rest and relax.  While walking through Adams Morgan I discovered that there is a meditation center. Yet, simply going up on the roof in the still of the day can also serve as meditation or simply walking  along the creek in the park. Making myself a priority should be my priority.  I hope to find balance in this new season.

Note: once I figure out how to get the picture to upload I will post them here.

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