Lucky Bamboo

Nothing exciting happened this weekend. I was exhausted and actually spent the whole day inside on Saturday recuperating after a rough week. Since so many people have been sick at work, it was for the best to rest up rather than push myself to keep running.  I still managed to be productive and completed a couple of online trainings that were due.

Today I felt better so I did some light cleaning, a load of laundry, and went food shopping. Why it took 8 hours I don’t know. I did sneak a mani/pedi in there so that ate up a couple of hours. I needed it though. I looked like I had been clawing and climbing my way out a canyon. Oh, and I did go back to that Asian fusion spot in Burtonsville for the Crispy Chicken again. It was as tasty as it was the first time.

I finally bought a coffee maker more out of desperation than anything else. It’s not really what I had in mind so I might keep looking. I have it programmed to brew in the morning, but I could go for a cup now. I have so much work to do I probably should stay up drinking coffee all night to get it done.

A helicopter has been flying over our building this evening. Usually it is very quiet around these parts.

I also bought a lucky bamboo today. I went to Michael’s and found a vase on sale that lets me add a Betta. I will probably do that next weekend. The plant looks great in the window. I am starting to settle in and wish I had the time to unpack boxes. Unpacking is such a slippery slope so I will put it off until I have all of my deadlines met and all of my work is caught up.

Hoping the bamboo brings me luck with getting everything caught up.


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