IKEAs Favorite Thing

This post is everything! I moved into a studio apartment and I am looking for ideas as to how to divide my sleeping alcove from the rest of the apt. This post has me sold on going with the cubes. When I move I can just get rid of some or rearrange for the new space.


I’ve been spending lots of time at Ikea lately, and no matter what aisle I go down I run into one of their best-selling items, theExpedit Bookcase. 

  The Expedit is available in 4 colors (black, white, walnut and birch) and has many accessory options that allow you to customize your look. 

Two of the reasons for the popularity of the Expedit bookcase is the price, starting at $39, and the endless design options you can create. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive furniture addition for your home, consider the Expedit and imagine all the possibilities…

The open backs allow you to highlight your wall color or you can add decorative paper for more style.


Love the storage the Expedit provides in a nursery.

 Fabulous as a small console table option!

 A great room divider.


 The foundation for a library.

 Incredible as a serving station and bar!  I love it filled with glass and…

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