Cozy and comfortable

I know this blog is supposed to be about my adventures out and about, but I am enjoying nesting as the weather cools down. I managed to organize my closets, do laundry, hang pictures, set up the TV, and lo and behold this place actually looks and feels like someone lives here! So interesting how the two places I lived in before never felt like home. This place is quickly feeling more homey and now I regret only signing a short lease because I could see myself here for a while.

I am now ready to buy furniture and few organizational pieces. One of the perils of living in a small place is that there is nowhere to put anything. Love the cozy, but not cluttered feel of the place despite the boxes that I still need to be unpacked.

Published by Dee of She Jaunts

A lifestyle blogger and digital content creator, Dee Bell has been part of the digital world for over two decades. She is the publisher of She Jaunts - a travel + lifestyle website. #shejaunts

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