Tonight I had to run out to get more food for the feline. I stopped into Paragon Thai on the way home to pick up some Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai. Their food is pretty good. I had some with CAM one night … I guess it must have been when I first moved into the apartment. Seems so long ago now even though it was not even two months ago.

I finally decided to get cable. There were several factors leading to this decision. First, the company I was using sold out to another company and the quality of service has deteriorated. Constant outages and price increases. Second reason is that for less than the price I am paying ONLY for internet access I can get internet and cable. It is a move in special. Will give it a shot. Not a big TV watcher, but it is pretty much the same price whether I get cable or not.

Glad I didn’t go to IKEA today as I planned because when I checked my mailbox this afternoon I saw a coupon for 25% off. Works for me!

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A lifestyle blogger and digital content creator, Dee Bell has been part of the digital world for over two decades. She is the publisher of She Jaunts - a travel + lifestyle website. #shejaunts

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