BlinkchargingstationssuperimposedatIKEAstoreToday was another productive day despite the fact that it did not involve me doing the work that I was supposed to do. I got up this morning and prepared breakfast and coffee so I would be up by the time the cable guy came. He came a little after 10 while I was cleaning. I had the bright idea to clean the oven since it is self-cleaning. Um, I won’t be doing that mess again anytime soon if I don’t have to. Four hours of inferno level heat.

After I had the cable installed CAM emailed me asking if I still wanted to go to IKEA. Sure, I said. We headed out to the IKEA in College Park and first ate lunch then started on the 3 hour tour…I mean shopping experience. I think it is impossible to spend less than 2 hours in any IKEA. I made my list ahead of time so didn’t spend too much time lingering. When it was all said and done I wound up with some essential items for the apartment like lamps, chairs, and plants. I also picked up some storage and organizational items for work. I am pleased. Had I gotten everything then I would have also gotten the bookcase/room divider I reblogged. I am going to wait on it for now.

We then headed over to VA to have pizza with his friend. I wanted to just chill in the apartment and get started on my work, but I went anyway. It was nice to have a day where I did not work.

Tomorrow is down to business though. Will get up early to head to the grocery store and then back home to get my work done.  Still waiting for Mr. Sun to come back. The weather report says that might not be until Tuesday. Back to work by then.


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