It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t left you, without a strong post to scroll through

O.K. so if you aren’t a hip hop head you wouldn’t recognize that homage to rappers Eric B. and Rakim, my favorite rap duo. “I know you got soul” is off their legendary album Paid in Full. I had the cassette and played that baby to death on my Walkman. Yessir, I said Walkman.

Where have I been?  Just working hard and trying to figure out how I can find my place in this new life I have chosen. I usually don’t have the energy or the motivation to post. Spring is here so maybe my energy level will increase. I worked out 3 times last week and noticed it improved my energy on that days that I exercised. The challenge is being able to get up early enough to do it before work because after work, I am simply drained. Looking forward to having mild spring days where I can walk through Rock Creek Park and get some fresh air. Which reminds me, I do need to stock up on Claritin.

Looking forward to sharing spring photos soon.



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