A rainy night on U

A rainy night on U Can I get a window seat?

I enjoyed a late dinner at DC Noodles after checking out the new Trader Joes at 14th and U. Loved the new store for so many reasons. Primary because I don’t have to go to Maryland to fight for groceries anymore. I was so hungry after shopping and I had a craving specifically for ramen.

While DC Noodles doesn’t have ramen they do have a soup that you can build yourself much like a ramen. You choose a broth, a noodle, and a protein.  I chose a spicy broth, egg noodle, and pork. I chose the pork hoping it would be tender and juicy. It was not. It was more like chicken which I expect to be dry. I also wanted to try the pork bun which was pretty good. I ordered the Thai tea creme Brule for dessert. Not a true creme Brule,  but still very good. To drink I had a jpop which is like a Japanese wine cooler. It was perfect for taming the heat from the soup. All in all I am pleased.

I would have liked to see the crowd in the area be more diverse,  but perhaps it was a result of the rain.  When I lived in that area in the 90s it was completely different. I never would have imagined the transformation. Parking is also  atrocious.  I think it’s a fun area to catch a cab and restaurant hop. It is definitely more lively than other areas. Oh! And there is a fabulous secondhand store in the vicinity near my beloved Busboys and Poets called Crossroads Trading.  Found a gently used Coach for under $100. So happy!

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