U Street Architecture

Today’s mission was to find yummy ramen for lunch. Epic fail! I tried Sakuramen and they didn’t open until 5:30 PM. Then I tried DC Noodles and they were just closing to set up for dinner service as I walked in. I was hungry and frustrated so I headed over to Busboys & Poets  in the hope of getting a cold sesame noodle dish or something. Nope, no such luck. To top it off I had the worst waitress ever. Let’s just call her the invisible waitress. Therefore her tip was also invisible. So yeah, I was a bit miffed this afternoon.

My funky mood didn’t stop me from noticing the wonderful architecture that still exists in the U Street Corridor. I have always loved that neighborhood, even when it was run down and ragged. I really need to find my old pictures of the area that I took in black and white when I attended Howard University.

Above are a few of my favorites that I saw today. They really exemplify the flavor of the old area in its former incarnation.

Photos by D. Bell using Samsung Galaxy S5


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