Breaking into Spring

This weekend was a glorious breakthrough of spring weather that extended into Monday. Since I have the week off from work I am enjoying the weather and the sights and sounds of D.C. as much as I can. Tonight I made my way right outside of Adam’s Morgan to visit Mandu on 18th Street so I could eat mandu, a Korean dumpling that I have been wanting to try. The weather was warm and inviting so all of the restaurant’s patios were filled to capacity. Despite it being a Monday night, business was in no way, shape or form slow.

The beef and pork mandu are to the left and the shrimp are the round ones on the right. They also have veggie. You can get them fried or steamed. These are fried.

I was excited that Mandu offers happy hour prices so I ordered the mango Sojutini and of course, mandu! I order the shrimp and the beef and pork combo. The mandu came out quickly and it satiated my hunger. I expected the mandu to be a bit more flavorful since I know Koreans are very much into spice. It was tasty, but a bit on the bland side. Mandu is not an authentic Korean restaurant which is probably why the menu is limited. Other than the happy hour price, I found that the prices for the entrees were a bit steep. I would go back for happy hour but I will keep searching for an authentic  Korean experience to try other dishes. By the way, they have a Korean brunch!


I was stuffed after eating two orders of Mandu (greedy!)  so I decided to walk around the neighborhood to digest my food. I didn’t realize how close it was to Dupont Circle.  Here are some of the sights that I saw during my walk.

Mural in Adam’s Morgan

I then took a quick jaunt through Adam’s Morgan to see what was happening up that way and to pick up dessert for later. It was a beautiful day.

Photos by D. Bell using Samsung Galaxy S5. 

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