Organizing my closet for spring


While reading Clothe your Curves, I started thinking about how key it is to be organized when it comes to how we present ourselves to the world. My previous apartment had a pretty standard size closet that was sufficient since I don’t like to have too many clothes. I tend to favor certain pieces and I wear those until I either tire of them or they wear out. Now that I have a walk in (or is a walk through) closet I have the luxury of having more clothes, but I am very conscience of how I want to use my space.

My bare bones closet post-spring cleaning

As I read the “grab and go” post a few things came to mind about how I live and how I was trained to live. Primarily how I was raised is opposite to how I live most of the time. Most of the time I am grab and go. However I was raised to plan ahead.

Outfits were laid out the night before, acessories and all, and often all outfits for the week planned a week in advance. I figure a rolling garment rack would be ideal for setting up my clothes the week prior and the clothes can be steamed right on the rack. I notice that when I’m mindful of my time (mornings can be rough for me,) life is easier. These are the weeks where I prepare my clothes after washing them. All ironing happens on one day. It can be a rainy day, a Saturday morning, or a TV night, but once a month is typically sufficient.


I bought a Conair Garment Steamer from Walmart a few years ago which makes it so much easier to release wrinkles and freshen clothes than ironing. The problem is that it is so big and bulky so I wouldn’t use it for every day use. I am considering getting something more compact like a travel steamer.My aunt is a fan of the no iron button up shirt from Chicos. She says that it is worth the extra money to not have to iron them and you can often catch them on sale.

When I first moved to this area, I moved into a smaller apartment so I was forced to be mindful of what I have. I purged a lot of my clothes which gave me room to buy items that I love and that fit well. I will either donate, toss if they are too worn, or sell items that still have the price tag on them. My mindset is that I am passing on my clothes to someone else who will be equally blessed by them so I have no attachment to clothes except a few sentimental pieces.  I moved again into a larger place and I did another purge of the clothes that haven’t been worn in the past year, had been worn infrequently, or were seasonal and can be easily replaced. I managed to sell several unworn or gently worn pieces on sites like Tradesy and Threadflip (which has since changed direction and is now Le Tote.)

Inspired to clean out your own closet? Get Your Pretty On has some wonderful tips.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Where do you sell or donate your clothes?  Share in the comment section below. 

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