Miso, Sushi & Sake


This evening after work I went for a nice long massage. The week started off with a bang and my muscles were rebelling. The massage must have triggered my hunger sensors because I was ravenous when I got up from the massage table.

There is a sushi restaurant upstairs and I figured that sushi would be satisfying enough, but not overfilling. I started my meal with a miso soup. It was flavorful and delicious with bits of tofu cut into small cubes. Next I ordered a salad that was pretty good, but I probably wouldn’t order it again. Finally the pièces de résistance arrived! An order of crunchy tuna maki. I think it was supposed to be spicy. It was not. There was a dab of wasabi on the side and it typically gives a nice zip of flavor. It did not. The fish was extremely fresh however and I was satisfied with everything I ate. My beverage of choice was hot sake. It had a nice pleasant smell to it and a nice flavor.

Sushiko is located on the border of Friendship Heights in D.C. and Chevy Chase, Maryland.  It is convenient via Metro or if you drive they offer 2 hours of validated parking.


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