My photography love story <3

My love for photography developed after I moved to D.C. to attend grad school almost half a lifetime ago. I was attending a film program and one of the professors suggested that we develop an “eye” for getting good shots and perfect framing shots by practicing with a still camera. A classmate of mine was generous enough to lend me his Pentax K1000 when I expressed an interest in learning to frame shots. I kept his camera for months, going around campus and around the city shooting mostly in black and white photos on film. One day, the camera just stopped working! My heart dropped. I thought I had broken his camera so I found a camera repair shop over by Gallaudet University and got it repaired. Proudly, I presented the cleaned and repaired camera to him and he said, “Oh, you didn’t have to do that. It was an old camera that was on the bottom of my trunk and had probably suffered water damage.”  Deflated I responded that it was only right that since he loaned the camera to me in working condition that I return it to him in the same or better condition.” When I shared my story with my aunt, she decided to take me to buy a camera of my own as a gift from her. I still have my Pentax and will cherish it for the rest of my life, especially since the manufacturer  stopped making them in 1997.

What makes the Pentax K1000 special is that it is the perfect beginner’s SLR camera. The metal body is durable and the lenses are interchangeable.  It is a manual film camera with no bells and whistles. It was recommended to beginners because it forced them to focus on basics of exposure and composition due to the lack of having extra features.

Pentax K1000


As the use of film began I die out I longed for a digital camera, but cost was a factor. On a trip to visit a friend in D.C. I commented on his camera and he asked, “Do you want it?” My mouth hit the floor and I responded with something like are you joking? He said, no. If I wanted it I could have it because he hardly used it. The camera was like new! I graciously accepted the camera and I was as happy as a lark. The camera was a Canon Rebel T1i, and while there were a few newer models produced the T1i was just what I needed at the time. I loving used it from 2011-2016. The body of the camera is bulky, but the quality of the pictures is beautiful. I also wanted the flip out screen which the newer models now offer. I also am not impressed with the video quality of this camera, and I really wanted to expand my content creation to include video.

Canon Rebel T1i


Enter the Canon G7x. It is everything that my Rebel is not. It is small, sleek, and compact. As a matter of fact it is small enough to slip into my pant pocket. The video quality is phenomenal and it does well in low light settings! As if that wasn’t enough it is also wi-fi enabled. I think I prefer my Rebel for still photography but for video the G7x wins hands down and it has a flip up screen that I can use when making travel videos and product reviews! I adore this camera and hope to put it to good use once the weather warms up. I really wish that I had this camera when I lived in New York.

Canon G7x


So my love for photography continues to flourish. I am finally able to sharpen my videography and editing skills. I think I could benefit from taking a photography class, but for now I am using YouTube tutorial videos and good ole’ fashioned trial and error.

Special mention goes to the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Many of the photos on this site were taken using my camera phone, which in my humble opinion is equivalent to the quality of the Rebel.

What is your favorite camera? What do you like most about it?


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  1. I love my Nikon D3200 which is my baby at the moment. I am still learning. I know I could benefit from some skilled lessons as well. I used to have a Nikon D70 which was pure heaven. And I also owned a couple of canon point and shoot. They were awesome. But I love the love that I can use it in low light situations, and the battery life is stable. Just need to get more failure with it.

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    1. I forgot to mention it (will go back and add it) but the selling point for the G7x was the fact that it does phenomenally well in low light.


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