Beyond Brunch DC is now She Jaunts!


As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to stop posting under Beyond Brunch and to start a new brand focused on lifestyle and travel. My new brand is She Jaunts – A travel and lifestyle blog.


As I mentioned, one reason I was no longer posting to Beyond Brunch was because I felt limited. I really wanted to focus on brunching, trying new restaurants and bars, and enjoying the District of Columbia lifestyle.


Unfortunately, I got wrapped up in my day job and found that I was not committing as much time to going out, therefore I wasn’t generating content. To top it off, I discovered that someone else was using the Beyond Brunch brand name.


Over the past few years I’ve really been wanting to travel, but I started to get travel anxiety. Even short trips would cause me to feel anxious. Toward the end of last year that desire to travel was undeniable and I booked a short jaunt up to Philadelphia, a city I’d always been curious about but never took the time to visit.


It was the trip to Philly that really fed my travel bug and it led to me booking two more trips after that! The trip to Philly also launched my new brand, She Jaunts!


With all of that said, this will indeed be the very last post to Beyond Brunch DC, but you can follow my travel adventures, tips and tricks, and more at Please also follow @shejaunts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and all other social media outlets.  You will find some of your favorite content from Beyond Brunch and more. See you on the other side!


Published by Dee of She Jaunts

A lifestyle blogger and digital content creator, Dee Bell has been part of the digital world for over two decades. She is the publisher of She Jaunts - a travel + lifestyle website. #shejaunts

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  1. I just started following you here yesterday! I guess I am off to now. Wish you all the best with your new blog and looking forward to ‘jaunting’ around with you. It sounds like the start of a very exciting journey.


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