cropped-yelp-dc-7-20-14-147-l1.jpgDee Bell is an established lifestyle blogger, social media influencer, digital content creator, and founder of Uptownflavor.com. She is also a budding photographer whose work has been exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York and in the Riverside Park Fund 2008 Journal. After blogging at Uptownflavor for 7 years, she decided to pack up and move out of New York. She launched BeyondBrunch, a lifestyle blog, upon getting settled in Washington, D.C.

Dee was an early adopter of most social platforms and has been successfully blogging since 2006. Prior to that she created online content on the web and hosted online forums. She has been featured in the pages of New York Daily News, quoted by the Associated Press, and is a contributor to the Hometown Tourist and Examiner.com. Her lifestyle brand focuses on food, culture, beauty, and fashion.  Avidly immersed in social media, strategy creation and conversation every day, she commands a network of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social sites.

To work with Dee email her via gmail @uptownflavor.

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