Mango Tree (now closed)

The first night of summer was spent on the patio of Mango Tree in City Center sipping a spicy mango cocktail. Yelp Elite hosted the event at a relatively new restaurant that is gaining worldwide appeal. According the the Washington Post “Mango Tree is part of a Bangkok-based company, the Mango Tree Group, with 70-plus […]

My 5 Most Used Free Apps

A couple of years ago I shared 5 essential apps for navigating a new city. Well, now that I am settled in I thought I would update my list to include some of my favorite and most used phone apps. Instagram: I love taking pictures on Instagram so it is one of my top used apps. The […]

Say Yes to Grapefruit

I’ve been trying to find a new beauty regime to help clear up my skin. I  experienced a horrible break out episode that resulted in the right side of my face being scarred with dark marks. Upon the recommendation of one of the Youtube brown beauty gurus I decided to give the Say Yes to […]

District Kitchen does it right

District Kitchen is a lovely American restaurant with a rustic feel in the Woodley Park neighborhood. The decor features exposed brick walls, a polished concrete floor, and dark wood finishes. The highlight of the restaurant during the warmer months is the abundant outdoor seating facing Connecticut Avenue. I’ve passed DK many times but never ate […]

5 essential apps for navigating a new city

1. Waze If you are anything like me then you get turned around pretty easily while trying to navigate unfamiliar territory. Having a GPS in the car is great, but what about when you are walking?  Waze (pronounced ways) covers it all. It is a GPS app that  is totally reliable and operates in real […]